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Design Services

We offer project design services for all elements of your system. These services include, Audio, Video Capture and Display technologies, Stage and Room lighting and Acoustic control systems. 

System design is critical to making sure all your systems work together and predicting the final outcome of your purchase and installation. 

Acoustic Treatment

We offer a variety of acoustic environment control products, whether you need a quiet stage or control of your auditorium acoustics, we have the solution.

Here are a few of our favorite brands.

Product Training / Support

Every client deserves the best training and support to provide proper use and the best result from the systems you have purchased. Our Technicians offer complete training on all equipment purchased. We are also able to offer remote support  for many issues that arise after the installation is over. 

AVL Installation

Our installation department has over 25 years of installation experience with projects covering a wide range of scopes and sizes. When paired with our design services we offer a full service company that can meet your every need.

Streaming Services

Camera systems for Podcast or web streaming are more popular than ever. We can assist you in your Camera selection, Video switching and Streaming service. Let us get you "on the air" today. 



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